The windy, red curve of the entrance opens up into the large, modern hall featuring multimedia stations, a reception for welcoming guests and a café where visitors can enjoy a super espresso or organise buffets, lunches and dinners for large groups.

Dynamic and welcoming, MUMAC is not just a museum. It’s also home to several large spaces which lend themselves to an infinite range of possibilities, from cultural events to unique initiatives organised by external companies, agencies acting on behalf of clients or other museums and institutions. This versatility is ensured by spaces that can adapt to fit any need. MUMAC is the perfect venue for events, while its own exhibitions add a valuable cultural element.

Minimal and ascetic like the other areas, the cafeteria is the main place for meeting and exchanging ideas. Apart from a welcome coffee for guests (thanks to all the typical fittings of a normal cafeteria, starting of course from the LaCimbali M100 and Faema E71 professional coffee-making machines), buffets can also be organised here as an informal lunch or elegant evening cocktail event.

The Temporary room, minimalist and bright, it is extremely versatile and can host up to 150 people for conferences, conventions, presentations, workshops, photo shoots and catwalks. It is fitted with video-projection equipment, a screen, a lectern and audio equipment with wireless microphones.

The Training Centre provides practical and theory-based training around the world of modern coffee. Well-structured and practical, the centre features a practical area with two “master” stations which can be filmed using ready-installed cameras, as well as six comprehensive work stations. The theory section is equipped with desks, a teacher’s station and a screen for projecting video content and live video of the “master” work stations. Designed for industry professionals, the centre is also open to coffee lovers and anyone wishing to enrich their knowledge of espresso.

Adjacent to the museum, Hangar 100 is the largest space available at MUMAC. Designed in the post-industrial style, the space can easily be customised to fit specific client needs and always has a big impact on visitors.

The intense, coffee-coloured walls and flooring create a strong contrast with the bright Temporary Room, making it the ideal setting for high-impact events.

Perfect for conventions, product presentations, exhibitions, catwalks and publicity launches, it can host up to 250 people.

MUMAC Library, the second largest coffee library in the world, is a place of education and culture: over 1,300 volumes from 1592 onwards, with 12 thematic sections, from history to recipes, from art to technology. MUMAC Library also has an archival fund consisting of 15,000 documents that range 360 degrees in the world of coffee, collecting patents, technical drawings, catalogs, brochures, data sheets, but also advertising pages and photographs. The historical archive of Impresa di Gruppo Cimbali is added to this heritage, an ultra-centenary company, whose main historical documents are preserved, including the technical drawings LaCimbali and Faema and the collection of historical patents.