04 / 06 / 2021

4-9 June MUMAC participates at ARCHIVISSIMA

MUMAC is once again confirming its participation at Archivissima, the only festival dedicated to the promotion and appreciation of archival heritage, which will take place from 4 to 9 June.

Following last year’s great success, the event, together with the Notte degli Archivi (Archives Night), will also be held in a digital version to reach a larger number of people and guarantee all organisations active attendance, including in light of possible continuing restrictions on live events due to the pandemic. The theme The theme for 2021 is: #generations. Natural drivers of disruptive forces and a desire for change, all generations exert an influence on the culture they represent, intercepting changes and new trends in thought, customs and content production. The definition of #generations encompasses a world of nuances and with reference to this theme MUMAC presents three brand new videos from the second series of the “A book in the time of a coffee” format.  From the MUMAC Library and the Gruppo Cimbali archive, video clips, accompanied by archive photos, speak to all generations, spanning them, with the words of past and present authors linked to the theme of coffee, interpreted in a cross-cutting way.

The event is online starting with the Notte degli Archivi, the festival’s key format, which will take place on Friday 4 June from 6.30 p.m. with the launch of the Archivissima website containing all the podcasts and videos recorded by the participating organisations.

Starting the following week, the three video clips and 6 more new videos will be published each week on MUMAC’s social media channels, exploring some of the most significant volumes in the MUMAC Library, the historical coffee library which, with its 1,300 volumes divided into 12 themed sections, together with the historical archive with over 25,000 documents, contains the largest corpus for understanding and spreading coffee culture.

We look forward to seeing you!

The initiative is part of @Archivissima #archivissima2021

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