21 / 04 / 2020

Distant but united by art, culture and beauty

In this moment, more than ever, the coffee becomes a way to socialize, share and, through social media, to compare, listen and strengthen relationships.

Special MUMAC on line

Now more than ever coffee, synonymous with sharing and socialising, is becoming a vehicle for interaction, listening and the strengthening of personal relationships thanks to the social media and internet.

And with MUMAC we can stay close and united thanks to the art, culture and beauty that we are able to share to enrich our everyday lives.

Through the museum website (www.mumac.it), our Facebook (@mumacespresso) and Instagram (@mumacmuseo) social media profiles and our other virtual initiatives, we will be a haven of culture that you can dip into from home to feel part of a larger community.

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You’ll find all the latest real time updates on this page:


18 May: ICOM International Museum Day.

The museum is opening its virtual doors with a double online initiative: find out more here


Starting on 13 May, head to the Artribune (@artribune) Instagram page every Wednesday at 11:00

to find lots of brand-new content and news from the museum.
You’ll find plenty of art, culture, beauty and design to brighten up your day – until we can meet up for a real-life coffee again!


#DistantimauniticonMumac: from Tuesday 21 April, every Tuesday at 15.00

in light of the current situation we have decided to share some of the history, art and culture of our museum’s collections in the hope that we will meet again soon.
To mark the first event, as a special one-off the MUMAC Book will be available to browse online with its content made available to everybody free of charge. The book is free to browse (but not downloadable) at this link.
Discover original content from our museum on the website and social media every Tuesday at 15.00: new articles in the Be our guest blog, projects, activities, MUMAC partnerships, images from the historical archive and forthcoming developments.


BE OUR SOCIAL GUEST: from Thursday 16 April, every Thursday at 15.00

A new feature on the museum’s Instagram page in which the guests who have already filled the pages of our Be our Guest blog tell us what coffee means to them at this particular time: short interviews to reveal the personalities and thoughts of our special guests.
The first interview will take place at 15.00 on 16 April with Enrico Maltoni, collector and co-founder of MUMAC.
Other interviews will follow with Riccardo Benvegnù, Mayor of Binasco, Donatella Brunazzi, Director of Museo Teatrale alla Scala, Silvia Adler, Project Manager MuseoCity, Daniela Corsaro, Associate Professor at IULM, Antonio Calabrò, Chairman of Museimpresa, Antonella Andriani, designer and deputy chairman of ADI Lombardia, Francesca Molteni, director and producer of Muse Factory of Projects, Margherita Pogliani, journalist and digital start-upper, Carola Gentilini, architect and director of Ghisallo Cycling Museum, Lanfranco Li Cauli Marketing and Fund Raising Director, Cristina Comelli General secretary AIF - Italian Association of Photo & Digital Imaging.
Learn about the people behind our content, also with other new guests, every Thursday at 15.00.


MUMAC and Pausa Caffè by MuseoCity: from Wednesday 8 April, every Wednesday at 11.00

Having been the first to join the #LaCulturaNonSiFerma campaign launched by no-profit association Museocity, which gathers together around 90 Milanese museums, we have decided to support the association, giving a voice to all the museums, closed for various weeks, which have so much to communicate and share, even when their doors are shut, via a podcast channel.

The podcast is dedicated to the museum world with an on demand radio station whose content will be available online and downloadable on personal devices.
Pausa Caffè by MuseoCity hopes to become a ritual, like coffee time, with audio tracks - available on Spotify, Spreaker, SoundCloud, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Anchor - to download and listen to as many times as you want, at any time of day.

The podcast is every Wednesday at 11.00 and will take the form of a transmission enlivened by three radio presenters, Jacopo Balestrini, Laura Defendi and Davide Sanavio.

The first launch episode, dedicated to MUMAC, on Sunday 5 April is online and includes a Laura Defendi interview with Barbara Foglia, MUMAC manager, which lifts the lid on the museum.

The next episodes dedicated to us will be:

  • 29 April: interview with Lisa Codarri, MUMAC Academy manager, who will describe the MUMAC Academy world with particular reference to the Academy Web Arena project
  • 3 June: interview with Cinzia Cona, MUMAC Curator, who will talk about some of the museum’s most particular projects

Discover the full programme of interviews here.


MUMAC and the Ghisallo Cycling Museum: from Monday 20 April, every Monday at 8.00

MUMAC has supported the Cycling Museum - Madonna del Ghisallo since 2015: a partnership between two museums that traces a seamless line between the world of cycling and the world of Faema, the historic Cimbali Group brand! From Monday 20th an appointment with the Cycling Museum for a virtual coffee on its social channels to talk about the special bond between the two museums, cycling and FAEMA. Find out about the initiative that retraces historic endeavours over a good coffee here.


MUMAC on Google Arts&Culture

Discover the virtual exhibition “Con Cimbalino il caffè diventa espresso” on the Google Arts&Culture portal. Lots of original anecdotes, information and material from our archive to tell the story of this name for Italian espresso coffee, coined in the 1950s and still used in some parts of the world today.
At the end of the story it is possible to visit the exhibition in Hangar 100 of MUMAC, La Cimbali Technology Heart Human Mind, and to take a virtual tour of MUMAC thanks to Google street view.

As well as MUMAC, you can discover the richness of the business museums, legacy of the Italian industrial culture, also thanks to a number of articles that have recently been published with the support of the Museimpresa association, of which we form part: lots of useful links for online visits in which the businesses highlight the history, identity and values of the entrepreneurial legacy of our country on Sole 24 Ore and Arte.it where MUMAC is present.


MUMAC and DANTEDI’ – 25 March 2020

The 25th of March is dedicated to Dante. Dante is the Italian language, the very idea of Italy. And right now it is even more important to remember him, using some of his timeless verses as a common denominator in order to stay united. All Italians are invited to read the verses of the Divine Comedy and describe their experience on the social media. The 25th of March represents the start of Dante’s journey in the Divine Comedy and this is why the Ministry of Heritage and Culture decided to launch the celebratory Dantedì on the social media.
MUMAC took part with a number of stories told by Barbara Foglia, MUMAC Manager, and Cinzia Cona, MUMAC Curator, online. Discover the parallels between coffee and Dante, with a passing mention of Talleyrand! You can find the stories on the @mumacmuseo Instagram profile.



Short cameos by museum directors and curators can be found on the schedule of the Soup Opera Instagram page (@soup_opera) where Paola Buzzini places the spotlight on museums with the ARTpills.

MUMAC is also present with a description of the museum collection and the evolution of the barista. You can find the stories on the @mumacmuseo Instagram profile

Stay Tuned !

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