07 / 09 / 2022

Exhibiting beauty

Gruppo Cimbali con MUMAC, main sponsor della 17^ edizione di Photofestival Milano, partecipa al palinsesto della manifestazione con la mostra “Esibire la bellezza/Exhibiting beauty”

Gruppo Cimbali with MUMAC, main sponsor of the 17th edition of Photofestival Milano, participates in the schedule of the event with the exhibition “Esibire la bellezza/Exhibiting beauty”

Photofestival returns for the eighth consecutive year, of which Gruppo Cimbali with MUMAC, the Group's Coffee Machine Museum is the Main Sponsor.Photofestival is the most important exhibition dedicated to author photography organized by AIF - Italian Association of Photo & Digital Imaging, which will take place from 14 September to 31 October 2022 in Milan with the title "Starting over from images. Investigations on reality and interior gazes ".

This year MUMAC, together with Gruppo Cimbali, is the Main Sponsor of the event and, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of its foundation, has collaborated with Photofestival in the conception of an ad hoc photographic project with a specific objective: to capture the reality of the museum by placing in the foreground the history, style and design of an entire Made in Italy sector, that of professional coffee machines. Loredana Celano, Nicola Galli and Roberto Rognoni are the three valuable professionals who have realized this project thanks to their photographic works. The three photographers captured some glimpses of the exhibition, reinterpreting the mood and giving an original image of the sector.

"Photography - says Roberto Mutti, artistic director of Photofestival and curator of the exhibition - has the characteristic of enhancing what is usually not viewed with the attention it deserves. Entrusting three valuable professionals with the task of shooting the reality of the Museum was like showing them the path that develops between history, architecture and design ".

“Eight years of collaboration that have sanctioned a union between MUMAC and Photofestival of great mutual interest. This year with the tenth anniversary of the museum, setting up an exhibition dedicated to the beauty of MUMAC is the culmination of a project made up of unexpected gazes, art and visions on the spaces and objects exhibited here, for truly unique moments captured. " - declares Barbara Foglia, Manager of MUMAC - Gruppo Cimbali Coffee Machine Museum.

Each photographer, through his own gaze, has captured and interpreted the spaces and the historical collection of the museum, generating unique and original photographic works, which will be exhibited in the temporary photographic exhibition "Esibire la Bellezza / Exhibiting beauty" organized from 14 October to 31 October at interior of the Photofestival schedule at the Liberty veranda of Palazzo Castiglioni in Milan.
Loredana Celano and Nicola Galli have resorted to still life, one to focus on the aesthetics of the details of the machines, the other conferring, thanks to a particular technique, a dynamism of futurist taste. Roberto Rognoni, on the other hand, pursued the sinuosity of the building's spaces, establishing a harmony between interiors and exteriors. Each of them showed their voices to the public, investigating the reality that surrounds them and rediscovering in themselves unexpected depths that with great talent they transmitted in the photographic works they made. The exhibition is organized with the technological sponsorship of Epson.

The inauguration of the exhibition will be held on 13 October at 18:00, at Palazzo Castiglioni of Confcommercio Milan, in Corso Venezia 47, in a unique setting dedicated to art and culture in the historic center of Milan.

The exhibition is part of the rich calendar of activities planned for MUMAC's "Diffused Decennial" to celebrate the museum in this important milestone.


Temporary Exhibition: “Esibire la bellezza/Exhibiting beauty ”

Location: Veranda Liberty di Palazzo Castiglioni – corso Venezia 47 – Milan

inauguration: 13 October at 18:00, at Veranda Liberty di Palazzo Castiglioni

Days and times: Monday – Friday from 8.30 to 18.00

website: www.mumac.itwww.milanophotofestival.it

e-mail: mumac@gruppocimbali.com



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