20 / 10 / 2017

“La Cimbali: Technology heart Human mind”

New multi-sensory exhibition, enticing as the scent of freshly brewed coffee, for an iconic Made in Italy brand celebrated worldwide

“Cimbali, always the best” is not an advertising slogan, but just one of the many social media testimonials received in response to LA CIMBALI: TECHNOLOGY HEART, HUMAN MIND, the new Cimbali Group exhibition celebrating the brand and human face behind the technology.
Engaging and as spectacular as it is electrifying, dominant red winds through Hangar 100 in the Museo della Macchina per Caffè at the Cimbali Group headquarters, leading visitors on an incredible ride to discover the driving force behind the company.
Produced by Creative Director Tomaso Cariboni and Bonsaininja Studio, TECHNOLOGY HEART, HUMAN MIND uses a special blend of reality and virtual reality to tell the Cimbali story through heritage, design and innovation, technology and senses.
Feeling as though you’re floating through space, paper-thin screens and displays divulge a new discovery at every turn, culminating in a kaleidoscopic chamber, the very climax in the Cimbali chronicle.
The Cimbali brand poured all its energy into this hot and enticing fusion of customer and employee testimonials and famous international names - technology, design and innovation - leaving wonderfully familiar scent wafting through the air.
Interactive displays invite exploration, including unexpected latte artworks, a nod to the legendary “Cimbalino” expression and futuristic panels illustrating the new Super-Automatic S30 design process from start to finish.
This is a multi-sensory experience you will not want to miss!
The exhibition will open till February 28th 2019 in Hangar 100 of the MUMAC at the Cimbali Group headquarters in Binasco for exhibition opening hours and get more info visit the Exhibition page.

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