06 / 03 / 2019

MUMAC e LaCimbali per Google Arts &Culture

We are proud to announce that from today MUMAC will be present on Google Arts & Culture with a virtual exhibition dedicated to the Cimbalino and a virtual tour of the museum on Google Maps


Everything starts with an idea!


Google has aimed to make art and culture accessible to everyone, working with institutions to take full advantage of digital opportunities and to foster the roots of the future.

Today, you can explore the history of espresso on a virtual tour promoted by Google Arts & Culture and Assolombarda, which is launching the Everything starts from an idea project, the largest online exhibition ever created on inventions and discoveries.


The collections, stories and knowledge of over 110 institutions in 23 countries, including MUMAC, have been brought together to reveal millennia of discoveries and the great ideas that led to them.


The virtual exhibitions allow visitors to explore – not only through reading, but also visually and emotionally –  works, themes and stories through a digital narrative journey that allows them to discover the innovations that have changed the history of both the product and the custom itself.


One of the ideas that has changed the way coffee is consumed and has also defined its character is the Cimbalino, a name which derived from the coffee machine and was used by customers to ask for an espresso at the bar.


Additionally, for those who have not yet come to discover our museum and the “La Cimbali, Technology heart, Human mind” exhibition, the street view of MUMAC is now online!


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