05 / 03 / 2021

MUMAC reopens for MuseoCity 2021… on line!

Last update: MUMAC reopens online with a digital-only version of the scheduled opening for MuseoCity 2021 and Museo Segreto.

Instead of the reopening to the public scheduled for Friday 5 March, the museum is waiting for its visitors online from 3.00 pm on the museum's facebook channel with a virtual exhibition of coffee-related “Cinderella stamps”: an original journey of discovery that shines a light on coffee customs and consumption between the 1930s and 50s through a selection of the over 1000 original “Cinderella stamps” printed by various coffee shops and conserved in the MUMAC archives.
An authentic miniature commemorative prints distinctive for their refined and simple imagery, vehicles of history, art, culture and tradition and precursors to modern forms of advertising.

The exhibition forms part of the “Museo Segreto” section of Milano MuseoCity 2021, the six-day event, from 2 to 7 March, sponsored by MUMAC and organised by the Municipality of Milan together with the MuseoCity Association, to raise awareness of the rich heritage of Milan’s museums and promote their cultural function.

Always on the same date and time, in the impossibility of being able to do it in person, MUMAC adds on its Youtube channel a digital visit experience to discover its collections with an online tour, for the first time subtitled in English.

Sunday 7 March, at 3 p.m., on the MuseoCity YouTube channel, focus on literature with the launch of the “A book at coffee time” project, a series of short films that lift the lid on the books of the MUMAC Library, the biggest coffee-related library in the world with over 1300 volumes dating from 1592 to the present day, divided into twelve sections.

In the first episode, Barbara Foglia – MUMAC manager, Enrico Maltoni, collector, and Cinzia Cona, communication specialist, will present the project and the first of the chosen books: De Plantis Aegypti by Prospero Alpino which, dating to 1592, is the oldest book depicting the coffee plant. The complete calendar of subsequent events on the museum’s social media will be available on the MUMAC website.

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