16 / 06 / 2021

MUMAC, vaccination centre and museum reopened to the public: the floor to Maurizio Cimbali, President of Gruppo Cimbali, and to Riccardo Benvegnù, Mayor of Binasco.

MUMAC, Gruppo Cimbali’s Coffee Machine Museum, has recently been reopened to the public for visits that are still restricted and it will remain a vaccination hub for the local area until the end of August.

The initiative, which was covered by RAI 3 among others on the day of the reopening with a live interview, broadcast on the Buongiorno Regione Lombardia programme (here the video) and on the TG (here at min 15.40), with, Barbara Foglia, MUMAC Manager and Enrico Maltoni, collector, and Alessandra Nardi, responsible of the Melegnano and Martesana vaccination hubs, is particularly highlighted today by the President of Gruppo Cimbali, Maurizio Cimbali, and the Mayor of Binasco, Riccardo Benvegnù, interviewed by Margherita Pogliani, content and story contributor, in an article published on the MUMAC blog “We love Coffee”.


There is a particular emphasis on the fact that now more than ever, following a long period of isolation and remote work, there is a need to reconnect with people. The ritual of drinking coffee at the bar is one of the most significant and typical social moments, one of the habits that we have sorely missed and which has finally returned in recent days, partly thanks to the commitment of those who have tried to combat the pandemic with significant and concrete acts such as this.


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