Museum Itinerary

Lab: Heritage, tech and the future in a cup

Memory and the future intermingle in the icons of time. Between new and old galaxies of knowledge to explore, the future is concealed within the past.

Heritage, tech and the future in a cup

Memory and the future intermingle in the icons of time. Between new and old galaxies of knowledge to explore, the future is concealed within the past. Innovating tradition means renewing ideas, giving a new meaning to historical milestones, inventions, customs and habits. A new breath and different feel, while maintaining continuity. This is how shapes become style. Each machine is never just a box for content, but an ever-changing object stimulating all our senses and revealing a set of sensations that change over time and space.

A series of thematic islands welcomes the visitor bringing him into past, present and future dimensions to understand the challenges faced over time by the company, through technological ideas, innovations, social and cultural corporate responsibility and goals achieved.

At the heart of the museum, heritage and future meet in a work of art, an installation that combines technology, art and design: The exploded view of the La Cimbali M100, the Centenary machine, reveals the complexity behind what superficially is just a simple cup of coffee. Technology, innovation and design: The hands and minds of a long, complex production chain made up of raw materials, patents, creativity and enterprise are brought to light. A suspension of material and judgment, reservoir of stories small and large. Enclosed here is an exploded view which, like an expanding galaxy, represents an illuminating, spectacular self-revelation.


1) E61: history and myth.
Since 1961 the most widespread and long-lived car, here in the two versions made for its 60th anniversary, in 2021, and in the version dedicated to the Giro d'Italia, of which in 2022 Faema resumed being a sponsor and to which the temporary exhibition “Amore Infinito”.

2) Fullyautomatic and traditional
The difference has been around for over 50 years. The Pythagoras, which for 60 years has held the undefeated record as a Compasso d'Oro coffee machine, is a "traditional" machine; the Superbar, born a few years later, in 1969, is one of the very first super-automatic machines.

3) The electronic nose
Between electronics, ingenuity and chemistry, how to transform innovation into a useful tool. The innovative software created by Gruppo Cimbali in collaboration with a spin-off of the University of Brescia, won the Smau Innovation Award in 2021.

4) Facts and words. The house organ
Communication and dissemination tool, created to disseminate company information within the company. Cimbali makes the coffee maker at the beginning of the 1960s and tells the story of company life inside and outside the company. At the end of the decade, Faema publishes Caffè Club, a real magazine for all places equipped with machines of its own brand. Today the word goes to social networks. And tomorrow?

5) Grinders and coffee grinders.
Four coffee grinders for two brands: La Cimbali, from Model 4 / A of 1962 to today's Elective; Faema, from the FP of 1955 to Grounbraker of today. From craftsmanship to mass production with ever more precise grinding technology.

6) Espresso for all: the domestic.
Yesterday with Baby Faema, today with Faemina the Faema brand returns to the domestic market with a very high level product for an espresso like in the bar.

7) Goals and challenges: passion makes the difference.
From innovations, to patents, to design, to sustainability, to cultural productions, corporate social responsibility is intertwined with corporate cultural responsibility in increasingly challenging goals. Of which here is a selection.

8) Brand excellence: rebranding in a machine.
M200 of 2021 is the La Cimbali flagship car that tells the new positioning of the brand and a new story of innovation and design. An excursus into the transformation of the brand.