Mumac Academy

Coffee Machine Academy

Multi-sensory rooms and spaces serve to help spread coffee culture, promote training for professionals and enthusiasts and encourage innovation

MUMAC Academy is more than just a meeting place set within the undulating shape of the Cimbal Group’s museum. It is a cutting-edge laboratory with a presence throughout the world. It is an innovative, multi-sensory space, whose primary objective is to promote coffee culture, comprehensive training for professionals and enthusiasts and ongoing innovation through conferences, round-table discussions and workshops.

Coffee culture hub

“The organisation was founded in 2014 to promote coffee culture, from producer to consumer,” explains director Luigi Morello. “In a short space of time, the Academy has become an international point of reference for training, with its activities spanning from plantation to raw bean selection, toasting, espresso preparation, latte art and sensory analysis.” It is a fantastic experience for professionals and enthusiasts, who are able to come together to learn about the entire espresso production chain. “The objective is to promote the culture around Italian espresso and coffee in general,” adds Morello. “That’s at the heart of the Cimbali Group’s commitment to MUMAC and MUMAC Academy. You can only really appreciate something if you truly understand it.”


The Academy harnesses the power of coffee culture, transforming into a tangible support tool for the whole industry. It revolves around one of the most widely used and valued ingredients in the world, with a focus on the technology that transforms it into the drink we enjoy every day.

To enjoy an espresso

From the mouse-tail droplet to streaked crema: there are an infinite number of secrets hiding in our coffee cups. And this neutral organisation is there to help you discover every single one, issuing certifications to baristas, roasters, experts and coffee lovers alike. Thanks to the courses and workshops organised by MUMAC Academy, visitors can unlock the potential of the various pieces of equipment found in cafés while learning to enjoy coffee to the fullest.

The academy features rooms for tasting, blind testing, roasting and training, where visitors can but their skills to the test and increase their knowledge of preparation and tasting techniques for coffee in all its myriad forms. On top of this, the academy also has meeting spaces where coffee gurus and specialists from around the world can come together to observe, analyse and anticipate new tastes and trends.


Sensory knowledge

The stunning sensory room hosts cupping sessions and allows visitors to understand how equipment affects the finished cup. Because while quality is certainly dependent on the bean, the toasting process and the skill of the barista in unlocking the potential of the machine are also important.

Sensory expert Filippo Mazzoni explains more: “Tasting can help anyone to learn to recognise the right balance of the two fundamental scents in coffee, bitter and sweet, and appreciate all their different facets, from fruity to floral via toasted and chocolatey notes. The most important thing is to build up your sensitivity by working out which group the scent we detect belongs to. Of course, all of this prepares us for tasting the espresso. When we do taste the coffee, we’ll have all the tools we need to define visual aspects such as colour density and consistency, as well as the smell, taste and texture features such as body, bitter, acid and astringency.

Finally, we look at the aftertaste, which gives us a general overview of the positive and negative flavour points.” So, there you have it. The sensory profile that industry professionals need to understand if they are to meet their customers’ needs. However, thanks to MUMAC Academy’s courses, enthusiasts can discover a whole new side to their morning coffee too!