MUMAC has been part of Museimpresa - Italian Association of Archives and Enterprise Museums since its foundation, taking part in important initiatives and receiving significant recognition in the process. Every year, the museum hosts events and workshops in collaboration with other museums (such as the nearby Kartell Museum) as part of “Settimana della Cultura d’Impresa”, a project designed to promote corporate heritage using events and gatherings. MUMAC has taken part in countless activities devised and coordinated by Museimpresa, including the worldwide exhibition 50+! Il grande gioco dell’industria (MUMAC, with La Cimbali’s iconic Pitagora product, the only coffee machine to win the Compasso d’Oro, was included in the “Icone d’Impresa” book, with reference to the exhibition). The Museo Segreto initiative, by Museo City, was sponsored by the Municipality of Milan and featured round-table discussions and international workshops.


MUMAC is a member of the International Council of Museums (ICOM). In 2016, ICOM’s 24th General Conference took place in Milan. The event takes place in a different city every two years. For this edition, MUMAC hosted a delegation of representatives from a range of international museums and was able to give a presentation about the museum during a special workshop.

Museo del ciclismo del Ghisallo

The Cimbali Group provided apparel for riders of the calibre of Eddie Merckx, Vittorio Adorni and Rik Van Looy in the 1960s and 1970s. Nowadays, through MUMAC, it supports the Museo del Ciclismo Madonna del Ghisallo Foundation, with aims to contribute to the diffusion of cycling culture across the country.
The Museo del Ciclismo del Ghisallo holds over 700 exhibits, including the bicycles used by Fausto Coppi and Francesco Moser for their respective hour records set in 1942 and 1984, as well as over 100 cycling jerseys, more than 50 of which are pink jerseys (the biggest collection of its kind in the world). In addition to this, the museum features a multimedia archive with over 100 pieces of footage of historic races between the 1940s and the present day. The museum is renowned around the world as a custodian of Italian cycling history. MUMAC and the Museo del Ciclismo have teamed up on a series of initiatives designed to mutually benefit their respective collections.
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Teatro alla Scala

Imagination, tradition, technology, art and internationality are just some of the defining characteristics of the Teatro alla Scala. And these same characteristics are mirrored by the values of the Cimbali Group, which collaborated with the theatre on the Madama Butterfly, l’Oriente ritrovato: Foujita e Asari per Puccini exhibition organised at the theatre’s museum to mark the start of the 2016/17 season. The partnership sees the two organisations support and promote each other’s heritage and work together to preserve important parts of our culture and history. On 8 June, MUMAC hosted the Miscela Lirica: quando il caffè incontra l’opera event, featuring four soloists from the Teatro alla Scala’s opera academy.

Espresso Design

ESPRESSO DESIGN - temporary exhibition by MUMAC at the Korea Foundation Gallery in Seoul.
MUMAC teamed up with the Italian Cultural Institute in Seoul and the Korea Foundation to create the ESPRESSO DESIGN exhibition in 2017. The exhibition provided an overview of Italian coffee culture, revisiting the birth of espresso and its spread throughout Italy and across the world through a selection of historic coffee machines. These represented some of the most iconic milestone pieces in existence both in terms of the coffee sector itself and the design world. In total, MUMAC provided 11 models and a series of documents from the museum’s historic archive. The exhibition also featured a section profiling the world of espresso in the present day through a series of images from the Faema-Express Your Art exhibition.
Inaugurated on 8 June in the presence of the Italian Ambassador to South Korea, the Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Seoul and the Director of the Korea Foundation, the exhibition drew to a close on 6 July, having set the wheels in motion for a range of potential future collaborations with one of the most active countries in the world of coffee.

MUSA Museo Salterio Officina del Gusto e del Paesaggio

The partnership between the Museo Salterio - Officina del gusto e del Paesaggio - and MUMAC, the coffee machine museum, is based around promoting the local area and our industrial and food culture. The starting point is one we can all relate to: breakfast with coffee and milk. Two itineraries engaging all five senses are just waiting to be discovered.

Museu do cafè do Santos

The first inter-museum partnership designed to promote coffee culture and preserve its role in the history of Italy and Brazil, MUMAC and the Santos Museo do Café are working together to support research activities and promote the cultural heritage associated with the production, sale and making of coffee. As part of the partnership, Italian coffee machines were displayed in Brazil in order to showcase the technological and aesthetic transformation that has taken place over the years.