Doors closed but lights on

By - Margherita Pogliani - If you want to start the New Year as you mean to go on then sit down with us and a nice coffee and enjoy the first digital tour of 2021 in an enveloping and unexpected place.

If you want to start the New Year as you mean to go on then sit down with us and a nice coffee and enjoy the first digital tour of 2021 in an enveloping and unexpected place.
Why? Because we want and need to appreciate the little things

that make life so sweet. Without ever losing our holy curiosity, as Einstein would say. Also for a world that brings everyone together, meeting up over a simple coffee. Hot, fragrant, enveloping, stimulating: what more could we wish for this year? Let’s go back to looking at things in wonderment, let’s go back to sharing, to spreading creativity and ideas, to enjoying the simple things in life, the richness of our cultural heritage, the emotion of being together.

“Espresso” the star
Barbara Foglia, manager of MUMAC, and Enrico Maltoni, world famous collector of coffee machines, will guide us when and how we want on this virtual tour back through over a century of Italian history in which the star is always “espresso”: espresso coffee. Because around the action of pouring a coffee there is an entire world of expression: social, cultural, technological, industrial, design, taste, art and tricks of the trade.
From art deco wonders to functional machines in the rationalist style. From the revolutionary “levers” to coffee as a social custom in bars. From the models with cutting-edge aesthetics influenced by the international designs seen on TV to the functional innovation worthy of the Compasso d’oro. From technological excellence to “exploding” art.

Expressions of culture
A world… a hundred years of history, where MUMAC itself is the embodiment of different blends: it is the product of a vision shared by the Cimbali family and Enrico Maltoni, that of spreading knowledge of the history and evolution of professional espresso coffee machines across the world.
It is a welcoming environment that was shaped by a major industrial redevelopment project carried out by Valerio Cometti’s V12 studios and Paolo Balzanelli’s Arkispazio firm.
It is a journey into ‘Made in Italy’ told by around 100 machines on display in the six rooms and another 200 which are rotated or set aside for domestic or international loans.
It is a treasure trove of values, which also merge together in the MUMAC Library, the most complete collection of documents and books on coffee in the world.
It is a space for workshops, learning, meetings and events.
It is a generator of research and innovation, present, past and future.
It is a guardian of stories about taste, ideas, courage and perseverance. Of unexpected inner workings, of forgotten details, of the desire to keep improving.
MUMAC is a business museum and, with its heritage and historical artefacts, vibrant embodiment of an emblematic sector of the Italian production culture.

Experience, the lifeblood of ideas
Today’s is a virtual experience on the social channels of the museum, whose doors will once again be open tomorrow. Because culture doesn’t stop. On the contrary, in times of difficulty it becomes even more important: the idea of the museum was conceived at a time when the economy was struggling. As the museum manager emphasised: “Sharing your legacy is a way of making the intrinsic pleasure, taste, knowledge and beauty of objects available to all. Every idea comes from a vision which encourages creativity, discovery, invention”.

With all the filers and pressures associated with this new normal, our wish is therefore to shine a light on the past in order to generate the ideas of the future.

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