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By - MUMAC Team - This project transforms a gesture that is now taken for granted, namely sipping a coffee, into a symbolic act full of new meanings.

This project transforms a gesture that is now taken for granted, namely sipping a coffee, into a symbolic act full of new meanings. Naturally, the MUMAC site is the perfect home for it, a virtual space that offers a tangible expression of brand heritage. Entering the company, getting to know the brands and exploring the history of an entire Made in Italy sector through the most important professional espresso machine museum means discovering what is hidden inside a small and simple cup.
Be our guest is our new blog, where worlds that are only seemingly parallel meet, making espresso a new generator of culture.

“The business of creating culture,” as Museimpresa – an Italian association promoted by Assolombarda and Confindustria of museums and business archives (including MUMAC) – defines it, cannot be taken for granted. The uniqueness of every business story, with its heritage and its corporate culture, is the key to opening up to the future. Because history is transformed into value, reputation and growth momentum above all thanks to companies that combine awareness about their “business” with a commitment to embrace new connections and influences.

In this context, the MUMAC site’s new virtual place has been developed: Be our guest is an invitation, rather than a statement. It is a place dedicated to sharing the experiences, visions and initiatives of those who love or work in the coffee world, as well as of stars of the Italian cultural scene who want to actively participate in the co-creation of new content.

Just like what happens before a steaming cup of coffee, curators of company museums, cultural managers and directors of important institutions will alternate with writers and simple “guests” to become witnesses of a time which, without losing sight of the past, imagines what is to come.

It is no coincidence that the launch is taking place on International Museum Day 2019, created by ICOM with the aim of considering museums as true “cultural hubs”, so that they increasingly become centres of excellence at a local, national and international level.

With Be our Guest, MUMAC translates this invitation, becoming a melting pot of ideas, influences and participation through articles by figures who, for various reasons, have a connection with the museum: different pens to illustrate the world that revolves around MUMAC, from coffee to design, museums, businesses, cinema, photography, training, tasting and art collecting.

The alternating names will be gradually accompanied by presentations of the writers, each with their own style and tone of voice, starting from Simona Colombo, Gruppo Cimbali’s Marketing and Communication Director, Margherita Pogliani, a journalist and digital startupper who curates the co-creation of the site content, and Lucia Del Pasqua, a content creator and digital storyteller.
Every ten days (on the 8th, 18th and 28th of the month, bringing good luck with number 8, the symbol of infinity) a new article will be published written by our contributors, who include Marzia Camarda, a cultural entrepreneur, Carlo and Giovanna Castiglioni of the Achille Castiglioni Foundation, Valerio Cometti, an engineer and designer, Carola Gentilini, an architect and director of the Ghisallo Cycling Museum, Lanfranco Li Cauli, Marketing Director of La Scala Theatre, Alberto Meomartini, President of Museimpresa, Francesca Molteni, director and producer of MUSE Factory of Projects, and photographer Beatrice Speranza.
Later on there will be a call to action in which readers will be asked to be our “special guests”!

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