Innovation, knowledge and history

Milan becomes the capital of photography with two months of original photographs that attest to the importance of the past in anticipating the future

“Innovation Knowledge History”: these three elements, which characterize Gruppo Cimbali, form the title of the new edition of Milano Photofestival, a Milanese festival dedicated to original photography promoted by AIF – Italian Photography & Digital Imaging Association.
Founded in 2007 as the “Fuorisalone” of Photoshow, the main Italian event in the imaging world, Photofestival has acquired its own independence and an annual presence that has enabled it to establish itself as the most important and extensive Milanese event totally dedicated to photographers. This show will feature hundreds of exhibitions in the “Photography Palaces” (this year Palazzo Castiglioni and Giureconsulti), at the most iconic crossroads of the city as well as in galleries and cultural centers that will feature debates, seminars and meetings with authors.

Two months of original photos and innovative events

From 3D photography yesterday and today to The art of photographing a dish revealed by a professional cooking photographer, the themes presented in Milan from 24 April to 30 June are linked to tension towards any form of new development, to the effort of learning more about culture and science, as well as to the strong bond with a historical legacy. These themes are also important for Gruppo Cimbali, which, for the fourth consecutive year is sponsoring Photofestival, promoting and extending the temporary exhibition set up in MUMAC’s Hangar 100, which has characteristics that are very similar to the Milanese show: “LaCimbali: TECHNOLOGY HEART HUMAN MIND”.

Technology Heart, Human Mind

Until 30 June, the exhibition in the Group’s historic Binasco headquarters presents photos and videos, multimedia installations and almost dreamlike solutions to celebrate the passion that underlies technology: the passion and the heart of people who work every day behind the scenes of an avant-garde product. The collective project encompasses the real and virtual in four narrative blocks (heritage, design and innovation, technology and senses), presenting an exhibit dedicated to the process that lies behind a good espresso.
Because to produce real coffee cream it takes innovation, as well as knowledge and valorisation of your history. History that you touch with your hand when visiting MUMAC, which on the occasion of the Milan PhotoWeek will offer a special opening on Sunday 10 June from 14.00 to 17.30 for free guided tours to the temporary LaCimbali exhibition and to a photographic workshop for children at 15.00: an opportunity to learn to rediscover our outstanding origins and to train the eye to appreciate beauty and art.