Coffee in good spirit

The spirit of coffee is celebrated on International Coffee Day and at MilanoCaffè with a series of fascinating experiences and narrations in the captivating atmosphere of MUMAC

On International Coffee Day, as with all celebrations, we stop to reflect on the work and value that lies behind a plant, a bean, a harvest, a roast, a culture and a machine that extracts its deepest essence.
In 2018, International Coffee Day, which is held on 1st October every year, focuses on women in the coffee world, who play many different roles including as harvesters, selectors, professionals, baristas or simply passionate consumers.
This year, the first edition of the MilanoCaffè event will be held to coincide with International Coffee Day, taking place from 1st-2nd October in various locations in the metropolitan area. Created by Comunicaffè as an annual event dedicated to the world of coffee, espresso and Italian cafés to promote coffee culture, MilanoCaffè is aimed at all professionals and enthusiasts, from coffee lovers and curious consumers to operators and experts.

Coffee in good spirit

Naturally, MUMAC is involved in this initiative, participating with an impartial narration of the universe made up of fragrances and different companies. As stated by Simona Colombo, Gruppo Cimbali’s Group Marketing and Communications Director: “We have all been summoned to each describe our own world. We have decided to do this by focusing on demonstrations with a very alternative extraction method, using the Aeropress.”
An alternative extraction method dedicated to the true spirit of coffee, which will continue to enchant us thanks to a demonstration by Aeropress champion Rossella Musarra, who will make two coffee in good spirits for the occasion: one based on gin and tonic and the other made with pineapple extract and dark rum. Both cocktails are characterized by specialty coffee with citrus notes, which Rossella adores. “I prefer,” the coffee mixologist explains, “Ethiopian single-origin coffees because they have a good balance and degree of acidity. I am passionate about presenting them to customers, guiding them on a slow discovery of the specialty world and inviting them to drink an extract made with a filter as well as an espresso. This crescendo of experience accustoms us to certain tastes that allow you to immediately perceive the excellence of the coffee.” Tenacity, creativity and passion for her work, as well as willingness to listen and dialogue, looking customers in the eye, characterize Rossella’s style, enabling her to transmit coffee’s best spirit.

1300 books and a coffee

A long, structured exhibition, both delicate and dense, can be celebrated on MUMAC’s special opening day, which features many events dedicated to the aromatic coffee world, explored through books and sensory experiences.
Before the demonstration by Rossella Musarra at 18.15, at 17.30 participants can attend the presentation of a small, but interesting book, 1000 e un caffè – I molti volti di un rito sociale (1000 and a coffee – The many faces of a social ritual), written by Luca Ciurleo with a preface by Piercarlo Grimaldi, former rector of the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo. Afterwards, the museum will remain open until 20.00 for free visits to the MUMAC Library, a historical coffee library that contains over 1300 books devoted to coffee culture, to the permanent collection of historic coffee machines on display (there are new ones to discover!) in the museum rooms and to the “Technology heart, Human mind“ exhibition, which can be visited in the post-modern space of Hangar 100.
Because the spirit of coffee deserves to be celebrated every day, not just on 1st October!

Useful information

MUMAC, Gruppo Cimbali’s Coffee Machine Museum
1st October from 17.30 to 20.00
Via Neruda 2, Binasco (MI)
Free admission.