Coffee Trends

From espresso served in a cone to nitro coffee, from coffee-leaf tea to the aeropress: coffee now comes in new formats and interpretations that are all worth savouring

With bubbles, on tap, pressed, in tea form or served in a cone or in the skin of a fruit: today, coffee is being made and presented in ways that would have been unimaginable until the last century. As we follow the most exciting coffee trends, we must not forget that espresso was created at the start of the 20th century and that coffee with cream, as we know it today, was first engineered by Cimbali in the ‘50s thanks to the Granluce model that extracted the classic espresso coffee with cream, known as a Cimbalino. Today coffee machines are increasingly advanced, offering countless opportunities and customizations to guarantee a truly satisfying and high-quality experience. Ways of preparing coffee are also evolving: from nitro coffee to coffee-leaf tea, from aeropress to cherry coffee, to bubble coffee and espresso in cone. Even better with a splash of cashew milk.

Nitro Coffee

On tap, cool, refreshing and complete with soft foam: we are not talking about beer, but coffee. Nitro coffee was invented in the United States a few years ago; this coffee is mixed with nitrogen and usually cold-extracted. The result is a long, foamy, creamy and slightly sweet coffee due to the cold extraction, which avoids the risk of burning with delicate and very small bubbles created by nitrogen under pressure.
The drink is served in large glasses or in cans, so far only in Anglo-Saxon countries.

Coffee-leaf tea

Using coffee plant leaves, you can make a delicious and healthy herbal tea thanks to the high content of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Indeed, coffee leaves have a high content of mangiferin, which, as the name suggests, is naturally found in mango fruit and is said to protect neurons and reduce cholesterol. Warm or cold, the tea is therefore an authentic and original tisane.

Naturally sweet with chocolaty, citrus or dried fruit notes: coffee extracted with the Aeropress is becoming increasingly popular, including in Italy, especially in summer, when people want to enjoy a good coffee on holiday or outdoors. The machine is as light as a frisbee (unsurprisingly it was invented by an outdoor brand): “the AeroPress,” explains Rossella Musarra, Italian winner of the 2017 World Aeropress Championship, “is a device in which you can insert coarsely-ground coffee powder, adding boiling water and pressing everything through a filter made of disposable paper or metal. It is a convenient and above all stimulating method because it is suitable for countless experiments: by varying the blend, playing with minimal temperature alterations and with different infusion times, we can create the drink closest to our taste.”
It is a short step from the Aeropress to the Nanopresso: the method is very similar and the size is even smaller.

Bubbly Brew e Cherry Coffee
There is another sparkling new trend in the coffee world: the Bubbly Brew, tonic water mixed with a good espresso, often served directly in cans to ensure a sip of energizing freshness. Meanwhile, Cherry Coffee is a kind of tisane made from discarded peel from coffee berries: it is commonly consumed in Bolivia as tea or in certain cocktails and has levels of caffeine similar to that of normal coffee.

In a cone or fruit
Espresso is served! In a cone or in the skin of a fruit, as has recently been happening in South Africa and Australia. Coffee in a cone has gone viral on Instagram, with millions of images shared with the hashtag #coffeeinacone. The ice cream cone covered entirely in chocolate with a steaming espresso inside has to be consumed in less than three minutes. The avolatte, on the other hand, does not require such fast consumption: it consists of coffee served in an avocado skin that imbues it with the sweetness of the fruit. Another fresh variant comes in a citron rind, evoking ancient Sicilian scents.

Alternative milks
Salento-style coffee with almond milk? You can also find coffee with coconut, macadamia, rice, oat and cashew milk: the choice is gradually expanding even in Italy where caffè macchiato now requires a dedicated menu. Perfect for the lactose intolerant or for those who love keeping up with the latest trends!