Infinite notes of coffee

A collection of espresso machines but also a place dedicated to training with its library, events, meetings and in-depth study sessions, MUMAC grows every day, also online!

MUMAC, the Cimbali Group coffee machine museum, still the biggest permanent exhibition on the history, world and culture of espresso machines thanks to the Cimbali (with the La Cimbali and Faema brands) and Maltoni collections, closes 2017 with a record number of both physical and virtual visitors thanks also to its packed calendar of original events and the new-look website.
In fact, knowing more about the world hidden in a cup of coffee enables you to appreciate its value, notes and full flavour in a more informed way. For example, did you know that the transparency of the production chain of a quality blend can be tasted on the palate and can touch the heart? Or that the first coffee beans were discovered by goats? Do you know which sensory notes make a good coffee? Do you know about its customs and rhythms?
One of the best-known and popular drinks in the world, coffee comes in innumerable different varieties. This is why MUMAC has celebrated its first five years by further promoting coffee in all its forms, redesigning and enriching its website which now welcomes visitors with large photos, coverage of recent events and even more diversified content. There are interesting new areas to engage all the senses: dynamic pages where you can interactively discover the features and delights hidden among the red waves of MUMAC, taking in different periods and accounts, interviews with the key figures in the history of espresso machines and useful information.
But with the aim of conveying the value of a good coffee, something increasingly taken for granted in Italy, most important of all is the new We Love Coffee area, which tangibly expresses the company’s commitment to becoming a benchmark in our continuously evolving coffee culture. From legends surrounding the first extractions of coffee from the coffee bean to coffee’s association with top-class cycling, from the latest trends to coffee-infused passions: every day reveals the secrets of coffee tenders and other original aspects to give us an even better taste of the world of coffee. Last but not least a dynamic coffeewall which, in a dense and fluid cascade, will make you part (and protagonists) of the best posts and photos published on the social media.
Because at MUMAC coffee is a never-ending story.