MUMAC will be tinged with green during Milano Green Week, hosting sustainable workshops and initiatives for the whole family

How much energy does pedalling for 5 minutes produce?

This is one of the discoveries that you will be able to make at MUMAC on Sunday 30 September, when, during Milano Green Week – a YES MILANO event organized by the City Council of Milan, which involves the metropolitan city – the professional coffee machine museum will also be tinged with green, inviting adults and children to challenge themselves to produce sustainable energy with greater awareness.

Thanks to bicigeneratori®, bicycles whose back wheels are fitted with a current generator, you will be able to understand how much kinetic energy produced by pedalling is transmitted to the generator, producing clean electricity through mechanical force like a dynamo.

Recycled toys
A special opening with a workshop for children aged 5 to 11, who, through games and riddles, will discover the 10 rules of the Green Economy, learning not to be wasteful and to respect the environment by transforming discarded objects into original “recycled toys”. Gruppo Cimbali firmly believes that the environment is a shared asset that must be protected. Together with our children, we can reduce the effects of our actions.

Pedalling on bicigeneratori®
While children are busy making “recycled toys”, adults are invited to visit the museum and the “Technology heart, Human mind“ exhibition, as well as to take part in “static pedalling races” that enable them to discover how much effort it takes to transform their physical activity into electricity. A stimulating, fun tool for engaging with abstract concepts such as energy first-hand, bicigeneratori® are like a time machine that take us back to when the main source of energy was human and animal muscle. If we consider that a similar generator produces a current of around 12 volts, with varying power and intensity depending on the speed of pedalling, we learn to use electricity in a more careful, aware manner.

Useful info

  • The museum will be open from 14:00 to 17:30
  • Start of the workshop for children: 15:00 – Participation in the workshop requires registration (places are limited). To register:
  • Free guided tour for parents: from 15:30, to the permanent exhibition and the “Technology heart, Human mind“ exhibition