Milan Coffee Festival

The first three days of this extraordinary Italian coffee festival are dedicated to alternative extractions, history, pairings, meetings and tastings

From 19th to 21st May, you can discover a fascinating world at Base Milano that offers delicious drinks and evocative experiences. The first major coffee-themed event in Italy, the Milan Coffee Festival is an action-packed event dedicated to one of the most popular drinks in the world. It involves industry professionals, coffee roasters, espresso machine manufacturers, baristas and bartenders, as well as coffee lovers, fans and even children through sensory games, interesting debates, intriguing workshops and engaging events.

A new way of enjoying coffee

“There is a new way to experience and interpret coffee,” Simona Colombo, marketing director of Gruppo Cimbali and a UCIMAC delegate, remarked at the Milan Coffee Festival presentation. “Often in Italy,” she explained, “when we refer to the act of consuming coffee, we use the expression ‘a coffee’, implying that one coffee is as good as another. In reality, behind coffee lies a world that can engage consumers in a plethora of sensations. It will amaze them with fascinating stories and true emotions. The concept of the Milan Coffee Festival was developed by UCIMAC members and by the Italian Coffee Consortium, in collaboration with SCA (Specialty Coffee Association), with the aim of bringing a new culture to city squares, a culture close to consumers that allows them to experience coffee in a special way, through a joyful, fun atmosphere.”

Full immersion

Joy and fun colour a series of events in the Festival’s Auditorium. They range from useful advice when ordering an espresso, suggested by Nadia Rossi of Bargiornale, to insights into tasting and sensory analysis of high-quality coffee carried out by MUMAC Academy, to coffee painting workshops for children, where they can let their imagination run wild, to music and DJ sets that enhance the notes of coffee emitted from coffee drinks during the Special Night event, at which the art of mixology is combined with the café environment, teaching people to treat coffee, extract it and pair it with the right spirit.

Meanwhile, the pastry shop captivates the senses with pure, fair trade, sustainable Italian sugar, encapsulated in the Bauli Bakery and the Tiramisù Warm Up, a contest to celebrate the most famous coffee-based dessert in the world.

Milkì Mix

Last but not least, the Milkì Mix project is also presented at the Milan Coffee Festival, a recipe book of cold-frothed milk-based drinks designed using the innovative features of the LaCimbali M100ì machine.

The recipe book, which comes in paper format and is available with video recipes in a dedicated area of the site and on the brand’s social network pages, includes recipes developed by MUMAC Academy in collaboration with Comprital, a leading Italian gelato company, with ideas for using cold-frothed milk in cafés and pastry shops.

From 1920 to today

The Festival also presents fascinating events with authors and scholars in the coffee field and important loans from MUMAC in particular – from the Bezzera machine made in 1920 to the LaCimbali M20 from 1985 – illustrated by curator Barbara Foglia and collector Enrico Maltoni, who explain the extent and diversity of the history of design and technology hidden inside every cup of coffee.
There are also unmissable events and workshops about the coffee supply chain, sustainability and the most innovative latteart and alternative extraction techniques with Davide Roveto, a Faema Lover and SCA Trainer, and Rossella Musarra, the 2017 Italian Aeropress Champion.



Milan Coffee Festival, Via Tortona 54, Milan at the BASE space

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th May
Free admission
10.00 – 22.00

Monday 21st May
Reserved for industry professionals
10.00 – 17.00