Red, what passion

Today this passion is celebrated with a multisensory exhibition dedicated to Italian design organised by Campari Group, Galleria Campari and the Italian Institute of Culture of Brussels.

The over-3000 PMS (Pantone Matching System) and Goe standard colours include dozens of different reds, shades synonymous with some of the most iconic objects of the 20th and 21st centuries. From Campari red to Ferragamo red, from Ferrari and Ducati to Brembo and Kartell, the list of classic red Italian products, which also includes the red LaCimbali, the red FAEMA and the red MUMAC, is indicative of an exquisitely Italian passion.


Red in Italy

The Red in Italy. The Colours of Red in the Italian Design exhibition, which will be held at the IIC in Brussels between 12 September and 9 October 2019, explores everything that revolves around the colour red, displaying a series of iconic Italian design objects, and draws interesting parallels between aesthetics and culture. The exhibition consists of various themed sections and offers visitors a multisensory experience. The promise to “Jump into the red” is kept with the “spinning top of colours” and other interesting discoveries. In “The perfume of red” the attention is focused on the olfactory sensations generated by the colour red while a visual display examines the value of the colour red in Belgian culture and customs through images and other interesting facts.


Red Icons

The real core of the exhibition is the Red Icons section, a look at the recent history of Italian design in the form of objects produced by leading Italian brands, and designed by the some of the most famous designers of the XX and XXI centuries, which are famous for being red. These include the new Cimbali M23UP professional espresso coffee machine, designed by Valerio Cometti and launched in 2019, which combines ergonomics, flexibility, reliability and design with technology, elegance and extreme versatility.
The historic and iconic Pantone® 492C red of the M23UP machine is joined by other equally iconic reds in the LaCimbali Group such as the flaming red of the Pitagora designed by the Castiglioni Brothers, the warm FAEMA red and the welcoming MUMAC red, to be admired among the sinuous waves of pure passion.