Hot coffee with frothed cold milk: a triumph of sensations

A new accessory on La Cimbali’s M100I is an outstanding innovation that adds a new dimension to cafés and pastry shops. Perfect for experimenting

Tempting layers, inviting aromas and contrasting perceptions. The coffee is cold above and hot below. And the surprise explodes in your mouth when you taste the first spoon of the latest innovation in the coffee and ice cream world. It is an extraordinary combination: hot coffee with cold milk cream. It is neither ice cream nor foam, but simple, velvety cold milk cream. It is an absolute novelty in the coffee and ice cream world, created thanks to the constantly innovative research of Cimbali Group, which, at Host 2017, presented the new M100I along with a recipe book for making the most of the extraordinary new espresso machine feature: an integrated accessory in which air froths the milk cold, transforming it into cold cream.

Innovative cold-frothed milk

“It is a cold cream that you can experiment with in numerous ways, inventing endless variations on the theme,” we are assured by Mattia Mainardi, winner of the Marco Polo International Gelato Challenge in Shanghai and teacher and technical demonstrator at Comprital, a global leader in training ice cream experts and aspiring professionals, as well as in the production of raw materials and semi-finished products to help them in their profession. Recognised by the market for its ability to innovate and experiment, Comprital was one of the first companies to offer gluten-free, vegan products without emulsifiers, only enriched with cane sugar or grapes. Innovation and talent are the defining qualities of Mattia Mainardi, who constantly undertakes new experiments that satisfy the palate and can spread the art and long tradition of Italian ice-cream-making worldwide, enhancing it with production innovations and combinations. Such as cold milk cream, which can be used with coffee in numerous different ways.

New sensations with M100i

“La Cimbali’s new M100I,” the expert explains, “allows me to think outside the box and to offer truly astonishing experiments such as a layered glass with a blueberry topping, boiling coffee, cold cream and cinnamon, recalling a contemporary striped pattern with the flavour of a Linzer Torte: layers of separate visibly mouth-watering ingredients which, when tasted together on the spoon, transform into an explosion of flavor, the scent of blueberry and coffee on milk cream, finishing with the woody notes of cinnamon.”

Artisan pastry shop

This is one of the various recipes collected in a dedicated volume that opens up new avenues in the evolution of cafés and pastry shops. Because the M100I’s accessory has a powerful ally, as Mainardi explains: “classic warm cream with frothed milk does not have the right structure to make similar compositions. However, with cold-frothed milk you can innovate by returning to tradition and creating patisserie-style glasses, naturally in a very short time. The cold cream is also produced rapidly, enhancing the natural aromas of the specific coffee with new variants and innovations that are not normally found in cafés, but in pastry shops.” The deliciousness of a pastry shop in a fast formula, one might say. “Yes,” confirms the international demonstrator, “the new accessory allows you to quickly create a patisserie-style product without altering the organoleptic properties of the underlying coffee. Up to now, cappuccino and macchiato foams existed, but cold-frothed milk offers the possibility to create desserts, glasses and preparations with a unique contrasting consistency, since it is half-way between ice cream and lukewarm milk foam. The cream ensures a full-bodied, creamy feeling, without being too cold, and is also suitable for incredible combinations with coffee.”

Harmonious or contrasting combinations?

The most daring combination? “I find it very intriguing,” replies Mainardi, “to aim for harmonious flavours, so if I am using a single-origin coffee with notes of red fruit, I would combine it with a forest fruit cream. I also enjoy experimenting with obvious contrasts such as a glass with crunchy, sweet peanuts on the bottom, a good espresso and finally, milk cream with a sprinkle of salt flakes, which do not dissolve in liquid but remain crystallised, are easy to chew and have a less strong flavour than normal salt. The result is an incredible sensory experience: sweetness and saltiness explode in the mouth, harmonizing in an even more obvious contrast between the hot coffee and cold cream.”

A world is opening up before us. We hope that Mattia explores it with the passion that has always distinguished him: exporting Italian culture abroad and communicating it through the products that best represent us. Ice cream and coffee, a perfect combination!